Sunday, March 29, 2009

Some thoughts on Women’s Day

8th of March is accepted as women’s day all over the world. This day may be
interpreted by every woman as a time to take stock of her achievements of the past
and her resolutions for the future.
As a senior citizen with all the experience of the past, I would like to mention
here a few points. First of all , I feel that we should not lose our identity as women in our society. Writers and poets have described a woman as a picture of grace, beauty , compassion, modesty and lastly as a symbol of strength and endurance.
There is no need for women to compete with men. We are biologically made different and have certain responsibilities endowed upon us by nature. We need to respect our opposite sex, men as companions in order to raise happy families thereby creating a happier and healthier society. This seems to be the need of the hour. If we try to go against nature the consequences are likely to be disastrous. Feminists and other modern activists may not agree with this thought today. The realization is bound to come later on in life. Life cannot be played back like a CD backward and forward.After completing these responsibilities they can always take up the other challenges. It has been proved beyond doubt that women can reach any heights they wish to.
Motherhood, is a most beautiful experience for all women. Once, when I visited a maternity home I saw a poster on the wall with a picture of a mother and a baby below which was inscribed these following lines, “Mother at whose breasts humanity is nourished and in whose lap civilizations are cradled “ What a great and noble job! Society and the whole of humanity are looking up and looking forward to you for this great job. Educated housewives need not feel guilty or not useful, as they are the ones contributing the maximum by making use of their education in the right way. Enjoy your family, your children, their little pranks and innocence. Do not miss the first eye to eye contact with your baby’s first smile, followed by all the milestones like the first step taken, first word spoken etc.. These precious and happy moments once gone will never come back to you.
Lastly, I feel that all our relationships should be based on sincerity and honesty, as it is a very simple formula to follow whether it it is friendship, marriage or career. A girl child grows up to be an educated member of the family, later on becomes a wife, mother, and grand mother and it continues. Finally she too becomes a senior citizen like us. A family without a woman is incomplete and a society without women does not exist


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